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Visit to SWHSTW
30 June 2014 Legislative Council member
North District Council members and assistants
Kowloon Live Pig and Meat Trade Workers Union Representative
Service Industry General Union Representative
19 December 2013 Fu Tei Au residents and representatives
12 October 2013The Concern Group of Fu Tei Au Tsuen Development (虎地㘭村發展區關注組)
Fu Tei Au residents
Shek Wu Lutheran Community Development Project
27 September 2013North District Council (Chairman and members)
24 September 2013Sheung Shui District Rural Committee (Chairman, committee members and village representatives)
Sheung Shui Heung Village Representatives and residents
Sheung Shui Village Council
18 May 2018 3rd Community Liaison Group Meeting
8 January 2018 Meeting with Sheung Shui District Rural Committee
22 July 2016 2nd Community Liaison Group Meeting
15 May 2015 1st Community Liaison Group Meeting
30 January 2015 Meeting with Public Works Subcommittee
28 April 2014 Meeting with Panel on Environmental Affairs
17 March 2014 Meeting with District Minor Works and Environmental Improvement Committee of North District Council
4 December 2013Community Group Meeting with Fu Tei Au residents
13 November 2013Community Group Meeting with Sheung Shui Heung residents
30 October 2013Meeting with Sheung Shui District Rural Committee