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Contract No.: DC/2018/07
Contract Title: Shek Wu Hui Effluent Polishing Plant -
Main Works Stage 1 -
Civil Works for Sewage Treatment Facilities
Date of Award: 5 November 2019
Contractor: KL-CW JV
Date of Commencement: 18 November 2019
Anticipated Date of Completion: 26 March 2024
Awarded Contract Sum: HK$ 952,409,600.00
Scope of Works: The works include Civil works for Sewage Treatment Facilities including Inlet Works No. 1, Primary Sedimentation Tanks No. 1 - 4, Bioreactor No. 2A & 2B, Membrane Facilities Building No. 2, SAS Pumping Station, auxiliary facilities (temporary chemical dosing system, concrete plinth for deodorisation systems, chemical systems no. 1 and no. 2, FS and sprinkler pumping room, emergency generator house, street fire hydrant pump room and flowmeter chambers) and the associated works